White water rafting on the river Nile

If you are looking for adventure, fun, recreation and an adrenaline rush like never before, then white water rafting on the river Nile in Uganda is the way to go. Bujagali falls is found on the river Nile in the eastern part of Uganda.

It takes about an hour and half to get to Jinja, Uganda’s adventure hub, then about forty minutes to Kayunga where Bujagali is found. The road is fairly smooth most of the way which provides for a fairly smooth and comfortable ride to and fro. It would also be a very good idea to go through a good, local tour company and I would personally recommend Affordable Uganda safaris to help you with the booking and preparation so you can enjoy your experience with no worry of preparation for your white water rafting.

What to expect; it is always best to hear from someone who has done it.

I (Kenneth James Nek) personally spent half a day at the falls, having the time of my life enjoying the family package (two kids, my wife and I) where we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We were led by an experienced guide from New Zealand (who I mistook for an Australian) with a team of  six ( three guides in the rafts and three kayakers for quick response). They were excellent and very experienced at their job and exuded a lot of confidence, which was very re-assuring for us first timers. We got there a bit late, to the visible irritation of our guide, had a quick breakfast provided by the company, were stripped of all our valuables which were kept away safely, we quickly got into our safety gear and we carried our paddles down a steep and rocky path to the water.

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