Ndere Cultural Centre

Ndere performance.

Ndere comes from the noun ‘endere’, which means flute. The flute is the symbol of choice and inspiration, simple because:

Ndere Troup

It produces dynamic, beautiful and sensibility music which caters for different emotions and moods drawing attention without being overtly intrusive, gently awakening without crudely shocking, stimulating happiness and creating a conducive atmosphere for deep reflection and creativity.

It is the only musical instrument known to us which is found in all world cultures. Like the red blood that flows in all our living bodies despite our external differences, the flute blows in all our living cultures.

The fact all world cultures could spontaneously (but separately) create and intrinsically enjoy the sound of the same simple hollow pipe, is proof enough that we are all equally human. We believe that the only way to create world peace and harmony, is by emphasising the human commonalties, as we respectfully enjoy, and get enriched by, the diversity, variety and versatility in all human cultures.

The Ndere centre is a beautiful space designed to accommodate over 400 people for several functions including conferences, seminars, dialogues, shows and all theatre performances. 3 hours at the Ndere center you will be greeted and entertained by the troupe performers with various cultural dances with meaning that are authentic to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. The performance is fully engaging and educational full of energy and precission to the dance.

Performances are on every Wednesday 7pm, Friday 7pm and Sunday 6pm

Adult Ugandans 20,000/- Adult Non Ugandans 30,000/- or $ 15 Children 15,000/-

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