Kidepo Valley National Park

From closed canopy mountain rainforest to classic East African open savannah and from huge lakes and wetlands to semi-desert habitats,

Uganda's diverse habitats make for a fantastically varied range of national parks, reserves and conservancies with an array of wildlife to match. Which other African countries can boast gorillas, chimps, elephants, lions and hippos?

Kidepo Valley

Not all parks are easily accessible and some of Uganda's parks are far better developed than others in terms of infrastructure and conservation programmes - but with good reason. These prioritised parks are fast on track to regaining their former glory as some of Africa's most wildlife-prolific and exciting conservation areas.

Kidepo Valley

Although Kidepo valley national park found in the most remote region of North eastern Uganda, Kidepo National park is a charm when it comes to Uganda wildlife safaris. It is actually the least visited park in Uganda yet it is home to some animals of the dry savanna that you won't find in any other part of Uganda.

Kidepo valley national park 1,442sq km is found in the rugged dry Karamoja region in northern Uganda mainly occupied by dry savannah grassland, Mount Morungole standing at 2,750m and crossed by two rivers Kidepo and Narus that nourish the park's wildlife and this natural habitat as a whole.

Kidepo valley national park occupies the most fertile region on northern Uganda, Kidepo/Narus Valley between the peaks of mountains from Sudan and Uganda. It was gazetted as a forest reserve in 1961 and has since gained National park status celebrating a spring of life in the semi desert regions.

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