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TBefore the arrival of the British colonists, the Kabaka of Buganda had chosen the zone that would become Kampala as a hunting reserve. The area, comprising rolling hills with grassy wetlands in the valleys, was home to several species of antelope, particularly impala. When the British arrived in the area they called it "Hills of the Impala". The language of Buganda, Luganda, adopted many English words due to interactions with the British. Of this form, the Buganda translated "Hill of the Impala" as Akasozi ke'Empala - Kasozi meaning "hill", ke meaning "of" and empala the plural of "impala." In Luganda, the words 'ka'mpala' means "that is of the impala," in reference to a hill, and the single word 'Kampala' was adopted as the name for the city that grew out of the Kabaka's hills.

A heritage tour of Kampala will introduce you to the history of Kampala and Uganda.

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