Gorilla tracking Experience in Uganda.

Uganda offers some fantastic gorilla trekking experiences that will make your jew drop. Uganda is home to over 800 gorillas living in the wild rather than in the zoo's in form of captivity.

The gorillas found in Uganda are the mountain gorillas not the low land gorillas found in central Africa. The experience of gorilla tracking equals to nothing, but so humbling that when you have completed it you will be award a certificate.

At 321 SQKMS, Bwindi Forest is located South-Western of Uganda on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 472kms from Uganda's capital city of Kampala the journey by road will take you 8hours due to the unpredictable road conditions such traffic, rain.

We operate or tend to like operating gorilla tracking for Buhoma area simply because buhoma for gorilla tracking it was the first to be developed.

Ndere Troup

Buhoma sector was the first to be developed for gorilla tourism and is the most popular of all the four sectors.

It is at this sector where other walks have been developed including; the Munyanga River Trails in the valley of Buhoma, which is a short walk for viewing birds and primates along the forest edge.

The waterfall trail which passes beneath tree ferns, epiphytic ferns as well as orchids to visit three dazzling waterfalls.

The Rushura Hill Trail, Muzabajiro Trail and River Ivi Trail of which the latter follows an old road through the forest, coming near Nkuringo on the southern edge of the impenetrable forest.

The Buhoma community walk and cultural performances that take up to three hours visiting a typical homestead, the traditional healer and a banana beer brewery is organized by the local community.

Of recent, the Batwa cultural experience has been developed in this section of the park.

Gorilla families in this sector include; Rushegura, Mubare and Habinyanja.

In Rwanda: USD $1,500
In Mgahinga: USD$600
In Buhoma Bwindi: USD $600
In South Bwindi: USD $600
In Congo: Currently not possible

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